Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whimsical Workspaces

I was just catching up on some online posts and read one from Rhomany about a workspace class she's conducting in October. I love workspaces. I love looking at workspaces. I love being in workspaces. I love MY workspace! But you know what? It's kind of a mix between scrapper and art journaler...lots of stuff around that I'm not using right now, making it hard to find the stuff that I DO use! So I signed up and I can't wait to begin!

I didn't hesitate about this one either because Rhomany is offering a "Pay as you can" price. What?! O.M.G. What a neat idea! Maybe I don't need this class, maybe my space is highly functional as it is, or as it's going to get, but I don't know that for sure, and for the whopping price of $8 I'm going to find out! Eight dollars! Sorry, but I just have to say O.M.G. one more time. O.M.G!

I just wanted to share that.

Check it out at Whimsical Workspaces