Friday, September 28, 2012

Is there anything more beautiful than a cat?

I don't think so. Not even George Clooney can hold a candle to this gorgeous furball. He's a Friends of Felines Rescue Center cat. You can see him on their 24 hour Cam over at Ustream, along with his house mates and the volunteers that work there.

My intent was to make this a beautiful page for a beautiful cat, but I got carried away! I think it was the pink and black. Or maybe it was the dots. Or the fact that my white journaling pen just kind of disappeared into the Dylusions Ink. I knew it would fade but...wth? I had to use a Bic Wite-Out pen on the words you CAN read.

Doodling is fun, and once you get into the "zone" you can go for hours without realizing it, but I have a problem with patience and I get sloppy. I wanted the words to be artistic but I was lazy. I'm a total disgrace to the lettering classes I've taken from Joanne.