Monday, September 28, 2009

Two Very Good Things

Scrapperlicious and a Giveaway! Here's your chance to win all of the product needed to complete one of Irene Tan's fabulous mini albums! Over at The Crop Spot, where Irene is creating more of her beautiful albums, you can find out how. Click on the link, scroll down the page past her latest Friends album, (isn't it beautiful?) to the words New Giveaway and read all about it! Good luck!

The Crop Spot

Friday, September 25, 2009


It doesn't feel right to blog without a picture or a layout, but I have neither at the moment. I seem to be traveling in circles, picking up stuff along the way and dropping it off around the bend, only to pick it up again the next time around. Ever had days like that? Nothing gets done....even with the best of intentions. This pic is from last year. Will you all be thinking it's old news? It's like...SO last year? That I'm old and lazy and uncool for posting the same pic twice? sigh

I signed up for a scrap class last Saturday but had to cancel because I was meeting relatives in San Diego. Then I went to San Diego and forgot my camera. Speaking of my camera,,,I signed up for an online class with Candice Stringham that started 3 weeks ago....I'm 0 for 3 in the lessons so far. And I'm still trying to cram 900+ sq.ft. of furniture, knick knacks, scrapcrap and other good stuff into 530 sq.ft. Boy, could I give the developer of this place an earful. I've had to get rid of a chest of drawers, a love seat, my beautiful French Provincial coffee table and end tables, my china cabinet and other assorted pieces. Now, what to do with everything that was IN or ON those pieces I no longer have?!

I also signed up for a circuit training program similar to Curves but for older adults. Ha!!! I've BEEN to Curves before and this place kicks ASS compared to kicks ASS compared to Butterfly kicks ASS compared to 24 Hour Fitness, Linda Evans, etc. etc. etc. Okay, maybe it just kicked MY ass, but man, can I feel it! So each Tuesday and Thursday I'll be shuffling over to the center for an hour of what can only be described as bootcamp.

I'm considering changing the url for my blog as I no longer live in the sand pit. The obvious url would be thescrappit but some scrap (not booking) company already claimed that one, and it's been sitting idle since 2005. poop.

I've added another link to my favorite blogs....Erin Lincoln...see her over there on the side bar? Procrastination Station I so enjoyed her when she was the guru of the message boards at CK...everyone did. It's good to have her back blogging again...!

Enough about me. What's new with you?

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm so jazzed! I found a link on Donna Salazar's website to a scrapbook store down the street from me. That means I'm right smack in the middle of two LSS...the first one being the one I used to go to before I moved to the desert, and the second being this new one. This is SO COOL! They both have crops and classes, and I've really missed having all that fun when I was gone. Today I signed up for three classes and the first one is Saturday. I think Donna's class is in November. Definitely worth taking just to meet her.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Okay, Erika, the blogging begins!

I'm back! Yay!!! Would you believe I'm still putting things away? Depending on which door/drawer you open, you'll find that I'm extremely organized or a terrrible mess. But I'm getting there, and I'm working on organizing my scrapcrap. Since I moved into a unit with a different floor plan than I had previously seen, my options for a scrap area changed drastically. I had to choose between a balcony or a wall to build a scrap area on...ack! I chose the balcony, and that was the first thing I set up to make my new place feel like home.

Just a small start to see how things grow here. I'm facing West....ugh. Shade all day until the afternoon when the sun beats down with the intensity of the desert heat...heat that I just moved away from. Unbelievable.

I'm used to having my scrapcrap crammed into small spaces so a scrap closet will work fine for me. Will I miss the scrapwall I had built in my mind's eye? Yep, but I'll get over it. I bought a nice kitchen island from Penney's that holds a ton of stuff. It has a drop leaf that extends the counter top to 25", I love it!

My nephew put this together for me yesterday and I'll be loading it with supplies today. Not a bad deal for $199.

I've been catching up on my blog reading this week. You guys have been busy!!!
It's good to see that everyone is still out there. I get so attached to the people that I think they're family. I mean, Ali Edwards' baby is 7 months old already....where'd the time go? (Gosh, have you seen how cute she is? And Simon is so adorable, he's going to be one handsome guy.)

Be back later, I'm off to conquer the scrapcrap!