Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My House of Music

I finally got all messy and made a background with my color sprays. Oh so messy and I couldn't find my barrier cream. If you use spray inks, barrier cream is a must. I use Invisible Care by EZ Air. I'm pretty sure I ordered it through Amazon. Anyway, I had fun playing and made this background that needed something. That something, I decided, was a house.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Napkin Destash!

They're all gone...sorry.

I have a stash of napkins that I hate to throw away but haven't used them in about two years. I'm pretty sure they appear in almost every journal I have, so there's no fear of my missing them. If you would like some for your journal pages they are yours for the taking. Message me on Facebook, or email me at frasier(remove this)2@verizon.net with your name, address, which napkin(s) you want and the number of each. These are free as long as postage isn't an issue. I will place as many napkins in a #10 envelope as possible.