I'm a baby boomer....part of the pack that turned 60 in 2007. I can't even believe that...60. Wow. The Beatles, The Stones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, The Grateful Dead, Woodstock, Haight-Ashbury, Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, Peace, Vietnam, LSD and Topo Gigio. It's amazing we're still alive. I'm into art these days. But let me make something perfectly clear before I go any further....

I am NOT an Artist! I'm not. I can't draw worth a damn, and I don't have that deep desire or need to put pencil/paintbrush to paper and create! I thank all of the wonderful people out there that keep telling me that "I am an artist", as if, by repeating it I will suddenly turn into one...but I'm not. I'm just a woman with nothing else to do but contemplate my naval and watch life pass me by, because I was too busy working and goofing off to notice that I didn't have one. When I was laid off and forced to retire, my life changed. The transition from career worker to "nothing" is HARD. Honestly, truly hard. I loved not having to get up in the morning. I loved having time all to myself and not having to answer to anyone. But there was this VOID that followed me around like a dark shadow and it demanded to be filled.

I've been playing at it now for a couple years, and I'll continue to play, but I'll always be an amateur. I'll always be learning. I might as well have fun while I do and I invite you to follow along!