Monday, April 30, 2012

Holy Mackeral, everything has changed! I mean, E-V-E-R-Y THING. I hope I'm in the right place. This is all very strange, folks, like coming home to something you don't recognize anymore. An all new Blogger. Sure, the actual page looks the same but you should see it from back here...have I ever mentioned how much I hate change? I've got enough to contend with on Facebook and now Blogger shakes things up too. That's modern technology for ya... as soon as you get used to it, they go and change it!

I haven't been making much lately but I've been stocking up on some lovely things. Like these oh-so-beautiful hanging dress forms from Rosanne. I'm shocked that they were still available in her Etsy store, shocked! My goodness, when the first one arrived and I opened the package, it took my breath away. It was a hundred times more beautiful in person. I decided my sister should have it and ordered the pink one for myself because we both deserve it! The shimmer from all of the embellishments is crazy. I wish I could make these myself but I know my limitations...this takes patience and I have none. Especially when it comes to sewing, and Rosanne hand stitched all those little charms. Thank you, Rosanne!

I also bought one of Rosanne's dress form .pdf files and cut myself a form to decorate. You need to view one of her video's to see how pretty these can be and get an idea of what I was going for. Link here. I love all the bling and frufru, but I can seldom pull it off to look as good. It always ends up looking a bit garish, so I've kinda stopped where I am because I like it this way. I'll just let it sit and if I'm moved to add some bling here and there, so be it. (It will definitely have stick pins.)
I'll have a few more posts during May so be sure to stop back. I have a fabulous lace kit coming in from Rozella and I can't wait to share it!