Monday, November 8, 2010

(Re)Discovering Donna Downey

So there I am minding my own business when I find an art journal reference toInspiration Wednesdays. It's Donna Downey's site, best known in the scrapbooking world, but here she is in the Art Journal world. OMG, the thin veil that once separated artists and scrapbookers has really vanished, and the two worlds have now collided. So if you're a purest...well, sorry about that.

I remember Donna from the old days. I even bought some Donna crappy tag books...and here she is producing her own journals to sell to us peons while she buys new clothes from some shabby ultra chic online store. Of course, she's more than happy to share that information because the clothes are expensive. She'll even tell you (and show you) which items she purchased so you can check out the price. I don't know what it is about Donna that makes her want and/or need to divulge information about her financial status. I got the message the first time, when she built her new office and just had to tell everyone how much it cost. Now she's doing it again, and quite frankly, I don't like it. Never did. Still don't.

I know people have to make a living. I know that my money actually supports a lot of other people when I spend it. But I don't like it when people tell me how much they make, or how much something cost them, or how rich they are because they have MY money! That's just rude. Rude, crude, and definitely not classy. It's kind of like laying off hundreds of employees and then giving yourself a raise. Not kosher, kids, don't do it. Keep the money talk off the internet, keep it to yourself, because you're not getting anymore of mine when you do that. I think your journals are really neat and I probably would have bought one (letting bygones be bygones), but you just had to talk about the new expensive clothes you were buying. Several items at an average of $150... you must have bought at least a $1,000 worth of clothes from that shop.

God love ya, Donna. I know you mean well, but it so offends me when I have no office, no studio, and I can't afford $150 skirts or there wouldn't be any scrapbook supplies at all...You don't need my money.

On the other hand, I'm loving Donna'sInspiration Wednesdays. I really am. Check it out...