Friday, August 27, 2010

LOOK what I have created!!! Happy Dance!

OMG! I joined a swap at Your Paper Pantry (a very cool site with extremely talented people that love scrapping, card making, journaling, etc. Check it out!) The following video was made by my swap partner. I was so shocked when I saw this, when I heard what she was saying. The funny thing is that when I saw what a beautiful plaque she sent me, I felt the same as she did! I just didn't think my tag was good enough and I felt like I had not done enough. And yet we're both so happy with what we received! What a great day!

My apologies that the video is no longer on YouTube.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do Something Nice for a Fellow Scrapper

Go here and buy yourself some beautiful handmade cards. These were put together by some of the best scrappers and card makers who came together to form one giant heart. All proceeds from the sale of these cards will go to Claudia D'Alessandro who recently lost her husband and father to their six children. Yes, six. I believe the oldest just graduated from high school.

You're gonna buy cards anyway....and some of you are going to buy them why not buy them at Jade's Etsy shop and help a fellow scrapper. Imagine giving up something you love doing so much... imagine how hard it would be to sell off all of your scrap supplies... imagine your life if you lost your spouse, your kids lost their father. Nothing will ever be the same again for this family. Please help.