Friday, May 15, 2009

The Girlfriends Club

A few weeks ago I posted a video made by Leah Fung, Donna Salazar, and Johanna Peterson that I thought would be fun for everyone to see, and here's another one....only this time it's interesting because they each talk about how they got involved with "professional" scrapbooking. I've been watching these videos forever, and I never get tired of these girls. I got a bit of a thrill when I picked up a little flyer at Michael's and saw a Prima ad with one of Donna's layouts. I, I "know" her. Of course I don't "know" her, but I know her! It's almost as good as seeing your friends get published!

Okay, I'm digressing once again....ANYWAY.... these three "friends" now have a new site for their weekly videos The Girlfriends Club, so check it out, and check in each Friday to see a new video.

Monday, May 11, 2009

All About You in 52

This layout was done for Week #12. The question being "Who Was Your Very First Love?", which made me reel because I didn't want to scrap it. But then I found this picture, (I had no idea I had this, honestly, my mother must have snuck it in one of my albums,) and I thought, what a nice looking young man he was. I also thought what a great layout it would make with this fabulous Graphic 45 paper. Yep, that was my first love, my father. He was also the first man to break my heart.

Week 15 - Did You Have a Pet as a Child?

Week 17 - Who Was Your Best Friend as a Child?
The first friend I ever had was Gloria, who lived a few doors down the street. I was always at her house or she was at mine. I have pictures of her in her first communion dress, pictures of her with my family. She was always there...until they moved to the suburbs, but I would never forget her...Gloria Sinatra....and her brother Frank. (honest to God, that was his name. see? life is funny).

Week 18 - Who Was Your Best Friend in High School?

I already scrapped this pic just a few weeks ago but I wasn't particularly happy with it. I'm trying to get Maryann to find a copy of her high school picture since I can't locate mine. Some friend, huh? I LOST her damn picture!! But I think she knows I always loved her, and I still do. Her friendship was THE most important thing in my life.

Definitely playing catch up!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Paper Kits and Swirlydoos

Look at all that stuff. You should see it in person....the Webster's and 7 Gypsies paper...yum. Prima flowers, Prima pearls. Tim Holtz. A huge packet of embellishments. This was such a pleasant surprise and so worth the money.

I've only joined one kit club before and I was disappointed in what they sent me. So instead of joining another one, I just pined away at all the pretty layouts created from different kits. And then I started seeing Swirlydoos being used by the artists at and decided to get me some of that! I didn't even have to join....I just ordered one of the three remaining kits (boy, was I lucky!) and in two days I had this gorgeous package!

So there's two places you really should check out...... The gallery at, and the Swirlydoos site.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

National Scrapbooking Day

A year ago I spent National Scrapbooking Day watching the live feed from Paperclipping. Unfortunately, there won't be a live feed this year, but I understand there's a crop going on in the crop circle forum.

This is what I wrote about Paperclipping a year ago.....

There are so many great blogs out there and one of my favorites is Paperclipping. It's more than a blog actually, it's an online learning center for scrappers with live video. You can visit paperclipping live and see Noell as she actually plans and puts together a layout, or view one of the many podcasts that she has available. It satisfies the voyeur in your little scrapbooking heart.....yeah, I know it's there. You want to see what everyone else does and how they do it....well, here's your chance. You won't be disappointed! Noell's live videocast has become very popular. As we watch Noell and listen to her describe what she's doing, we can chat with other viewers and ask questions.

You can go into Noell's podcast archives and watch one of her interviews with the likes of Ali Edwards and Dedra Long, visit Dedra's scraproom, view one of her fabulous altered books, read book reviews, product reviews, or learn how to cluster elements, layer elements, spruce up Prima's, and the list goes on. I've watched them all and I learn something every time. Noell has a very pleasing personality and explains things quite clearly, making it easy even for me.

So get over there and check her out. You can subscribe to her newsletter, join the crop circle, or any number of free activities that are worth your time and effort....or you can subscribe to her professional videos that take everything to a higher level of professionalism and understanding of this great hobby that we all love.

Have a wonderful day!
I've been moving things around again....made my blog into 3 columns and then the background didn't fit right. If anyone knows how to get those things to fit right, let me know. I used the directions from The Cutest Blog but the words were still overflowing on the sides. I changed numbers until steam was coming out of my eyeballs, so I stopped, and now I miss my background.