Monday, May 11, 2009

All About You in 52

This layout was done for Week #12. The question being "Who Was Your Very First Love?", which made me reel because I didn't want to scrap it. But then I found this picture, (I had no idea I had this, honestly, my mother must have snuck it in one of my albums,) and I thought, what a nice looking young man he was. I also thought what a great layout it would make with this fabulous Graphic 45 paper. Yep, that was my first love, my father. He was also the first man to break my heart.

Week 15 - Did You Have a Pet as a Child?

Week 17 - Who Was Your Best Friend as a Child?
The first friend I ever had was Gloria, who lived a few doors down the street. I was always at her house or she was at mine. I have pictures of her in her first communion dress, pictures of her with my family. She was always there...until they moved to the suburbs, but I would never forget her...Gloria Sinatra....and her brother Frank. (honest to God, that was his name. see? life is funny).

Week 18 - Who Was Your Best Friend in High School?

I already scrapped this pic just a few weeks ago but I wasn't particularly happy with it. I'm trying to get Maryann to find a copy of her high school picture since I can't locate mine. Some friend, huh? I LOST her damn picture!! But I think she knows I always loved her, and I still do. Her friendship was THE most important thing in my life.

Definitely playing catch up!