Friday, February 25, 2011

Travelogue Swap - January

This is the page I did in this months travelogue for DL over at Your Paper Pantry. It's now on it's way to Australia and another book is coming to me for March. This will continue for six more months until my original book returns to me with pages completed by people on the east coast, the west coast, Australia and Canada. I loved making this page for DL. I look forward to working on the next book and can't wait to see my own completed travelogue!

DL's book is about who you would want to meet (past or present). She chose Lady Di and I chose the Grand Dame of Them All, Katherine Hepburn. I also joined a tag swap at Your Paper Pantry. The theme was women in the public eye who inspired you (not family). I chose Katherine for that as well.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I did a silly thing. I changed the address of my blog before notifying anyone. Can I hear a duh?

Well, the new one is a lot easier,, better than lifeinthesandpit,etc.etc.etc. I just wish the people that have the name TheScrapPit would give it up since they're not using it. I even sent them a message a couple years ago but no response. I believe it's a real scrap know, junk metal and that kind of stuff. They've never set up a blog, just latched onto the name and I want it! I'm happy with MyScrapPit but now it looks like I removed my blog when all I did was give it a new address.....sigh.