Friday, September 14, 2012

On this page I used a digital stamp from The Octopode Factory on Etsy. I absolutely adore the Octopode stamps! You can also get these in good old fashion rubber but I don't think they're available in the U.S. so I use the digitals. Depending on what you're doing and how elaborate you want your piece to be, fussy cutting is definitely required. The two elements on this page were easy to cut out, but I did another page last night using a good number of digitals and boy, I was cutting forever! But I really enjoyed putting the page together and that's what counts. (Can't wait to show it to you but I'm getting way ahead of myself!)

SO! Background by Dylusions! Lots of miscellaneous stamps here. The three colored mushrooms are from a magazine ad. I didn't add color to my girl because she's different from all other things, and although she can fit in easily with nature, she has a hard time elsewhere. She knows she's different, she can feel it on the inside, but people won't leave her alone to be who she is. Everyone wants her to be something else. Journaling to this effect was added after photo.

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