Monday, April 7, 2008

Erica's Scrapbook Obsession

Her screen name at CK is "Journeyfan". Geez, how could I possibly miss that? Journey was my favorite band (if not for The Eagles). I dated a musician in the late 70's whose band did Journey tunes so well, it was almost as good as the real thing. Honest. I'll never forget them...or him either....but I digress.

Okay, moving on here....I'm adding links to my favorite blogs and writing a few words about them as I do. Most of them have great pictures of scrapbook layouts, projects and fun things to do....Erika's site is just a bit different....what she has is great words. Judging by the thousands of hits her site has, it's not much of a secret. AND she has a blogroll of HER favorite blogs, plus everyone elses at the CK and other Message Boards. Including mine! What a smart girl!

So why do I like Erika's blog? Because she's honest. She tells it like it is and doesn't apologize. She has a sense of humor. She's sometimes sarcastic (I can certainly identify with that!), but she's always informative. She has all the news in the scrapbook world, info on the latest and greatest products, what's going on where, and if it were applicable, she'd know who was dating whom!

Check her out. She's a good read!

Scrapbook Obsession