Thursday, March 20, 2008


There are so many great blogs out there and one of my favorites is Paperclipping. It's more than a blog actually, it's an online learning center for scrappers with live video. You can visit paperclipping live and see Noell as she actually plans and puts together a layout, or view one of the many podcasts that she has available. It satisfies the voyeur in your little scrapbooking heart.....yeah, I know it's there. You want to see what everyone else does and how they do it....well, here's your chance. You won't be disappointed! Noell's live videocast has become very popular. As we watch Noell and listen to her describe what she's doing, we can chat with other viewers and ask questions.

You can go into Noell's podcast archives and watch one of her interviews with the likes of Ali Edwards and Dedra Long, visit Dedra's scraproom, view one of her fabulous altered books, read book reviews, product reviews, or learn how to cluster elements, layer elements, spruce up Prima's, and the list goes on. I've watched them all and I learn something every time. Noell has a very pleasing personality and explains things quite clearly, making it easy even for me.

I've watched Noell create a layout from start to finish and I'm just amazed with the finished product. She makes it look so easy.