Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have so much going through my head...I'll be thinking about something and then realize I should blog it. I just haven't had time but I'm not incredibly busy doing anything else outside of work, and I'm not working extreme what's wrong with me? Maybe I'm getting tired of the blog just never seems to last with me....and no one comes by except for Barb.....****Thank you, Barb!!!**** So I've been thinking about taking it more public and making it a scrapbook blog. Not that I scrap like some of the people I see on the message boards...they're what I consider serious scrappers and professionals....they're young...they have growing families and they want to document all of it! Yay!!! I wish I were YOUNG and documenting ALL of it! I'd make sure it ended differently, that's for sure.

There are a LOT of women my age that scrap. Someone posted at the CK Message Board about being an older scrapper and a TON of women replied. They were coming out of the woodwork for that one. Barb, for instance, is a kindred spirit (a baby boomer scrapper!) that I met at Paperclipping Live. So I was wondering where all the older scrapper bloggers are! Not that I don't enjoy the young crowd....I LOVE THEM! I just don't see many, if any, older blogger folk like me.

This is what I'm working on now.... I wanted to do an altered book type project or mini album, ala Dedra Long I think her creations are fabulous, but my style is so conservative that this would be really "out of the box" for me. I have these cheap little albums from Target's dollar spot that I thought I'd practice with, and I love the way it's turning out! They still look like me though....I wonder if this as far out of the box I'm going to get...! My eyes really want to add more stuff! I just can't seem to make my hands do it but I'll keep trying!

Mom at 19, what a babe.