Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm so out of shape....

I joined Butterfly Life. It's a Curves type of gym for women but it's a thousand times better. One of the first things I noticed was that the equipment is the real thing...with weights and tension so you feel like you're actually working out. At Curves I never felt the "burn", although I know it's designed so you don't feel the "burn", you want to at least feel like you're getting SOME benefit for those 30 minutes of circuit training.

The first thing I actually noticed was how attractive and inviting the place is! Butterly Life is a franchise, so each owner gets to do his or her own thing.....but I gotta tell ya, Holly has worked on making this gym an enjoyable place to be. It's decorated with tender loving care and personal touches that make it almost "homey", even offering a fresh fruit buffet. Yum.

As she took me around from one piece of equipment to the next, I was surprised (and happy!) to discover how easy the workout is. I could actually feel my muscles responding to the minimal amount of effort I was putting into the exercise. Yeah, I'm gonna like this.

Small World: The owner of Butterfly Life moved here from Orange County just as I did...and lives in the same apartment complex as I do.