Thursday, July 3, 2008

Scrapsmack??? %$#@!

Okay, now I'm just a little bit pissed. This site.........this anonymous member site, known as Scrapsmack, has people that troll the scrap boards and then post their negative findings. They obviously don't look for much that's good, don't see it if it's there, and don't like it when others do. The best they can do is find fault and put others down. And they have the gall, the absolute nerve, to say that I should get a life because I compliment other people!! LOL!

If my "kiss ass" ways have offended anyone, I apologize, however, I will continue to blog about whatever I feel like blogging about. And if that means that I like a site and want to share it, then that's what I'll do. I don't expect anything in return. They say I "gush"..........Eeww! I never thought of it as gushing.....I just like to talk loud...and I will TALK LOUD when I want to ON MY BLOG! And I like a little I try to be humorous. I don't think Stacey Julian is going to come knocking at my door because I blogged about her anymore than Joscie will be visiting from Hawaii!

I'm not lookin' for brownie points here, I'm just bloggin'. So please don't waste your time coming to my blog, or the message boards, just to put me down. You must have better things to do than to read my nonsense. And you shouldn't. Especially if it upsets you so much that you have to let off steam under an anonymous name.

See, I just let off steam and I now feel great! Great, I said! And I did it under my own name.

Don't take yourselves so seriously, folks. Life is short.