Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It sure is quiet out there in blogland. Everyone must be extremely busy with their vacations and such. As for me, I'm still scrappin'. I think someone must have lost their mojo because I found it....made 3 more layouts over the weekend. I've been playing with the embellishments on this one for 3 days now. I've never done this much scrapping at one time...maybe it's the Starbucks.

Is anyone going to take Cathy Zielske's design class? I'm considering it...have to sign up tomorrow if I want to do it. I hate to start something that I won't finish, and 12 weeks from October right up to Christmas is really cutting it close. On the other hand, it's 12 weeks of hands on design, something like 36 layouts. I wouldn't make 36 layouts in a year! Decisions, decisions.