Friday, July 4, 2008

Scrapsmack %$#@! Part II

I think I'm over being bashed at Scrapsmack. I've been thinking a lot about what one person wrote....

"She gushes about folks I've never heard of with as much gusto as she uses for Stacy Julian."

This poster seems to think that Stacy Julian is somehow more worthy of my gushing than other folks she's "never heard of". That's a shame...because I don't think Stacy Julian would feel that way. I'd say Stacy believes that everyone deserves to be gushed over and she'd be the first in line to do so.

I hate to point this out....and I adore Stacy Julian....but I don't think her scrapping is all that fabulous. I personally think there are a lot of people out there that are much better at creating layouts than Stacy, and they're not all celebrities! What Stacy is good at is SIMPLE scrapbooking and the philosophy that she teaches. She's a celebrity because everyone knows her...she has her own magazine, she's on television, she writes books, she travels the world, and she does it all while being a normal human being. Just like everyone else. Just like the people I write about in my blog.

So, does everyone deserve to be written about with as much gusto as I write about Stacy Julian? Absolutely.

I'm not angry anymore about scrapsmack. I'm sad. Sad that the posters are most likely scrappers that I know from CKMB, even Paperclipping. Sad that they're probably mothers who want to raise their children to be good people as adults....and yet look how childish they are, hiding out in anonymity, bad mouthing others because it makes them feel good. How sad that they're caught up in the mob mentality of a board like that. You know, I've been there, done that. It becomes a way of life and you eventually stop seeing the good in people, you stop smelling the roses. If you want to find something to complain will. It's a choice. Make the right one.