Friday, November 15, 2013

Yoohooo! I'm still here......

Good Grief! I never published this page I wrote in September! I have so much catching up to do... lots of blog updates to write!

It seems like I haven't done a thing since Ms. Rose (rose covered journal) came into my life, but I have! I really have! I'm cleaning up again. Finishing a few things that were started and never finished. Like journals. I have this one book that has a few blank pages in it and I'm working on filling them up. The funny thing is that I started this book a long time ago, and it's a true Mixed Media journal. I've thrown everything in there, including photocopies of pics from Flickr. I love Flickr for inspiration! I've certainly learned a lot since I started this book. The first page was hideous, and I mean HIDEOUS! So I painted over it and made a new page.

As for Ms. Rose...Well, she's getting a little chubby. I think I've been feeding her too much, but I love her so much!!

I'm still not writing a whole lot, but I do pick her up every day and do something. I start a new page, embellish an old page, write a word or add a picture. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour or two. I worked through the first signature during July and August, started the second signature Sept 1st, and now I'm sharing my time between Ms. Rose and the old sadly ignored journal.