Friday, April 17, 2009

Scrapbook Trends and I part ways.....

Seems like people are posting less these days. Also seems like the scrap boards are visited less these days. Or is it just that I'm posting and visiting less? Actually, I'm still visiting...just not posting. Unfortunately, I don't have anything good to say right now because I'm still reeling from the dishonesty of Scrapbook Trends.

I found an incredible offer last year and subscribed to ST. It was fabulous. Great magazine, great price, fabulous layouts! Trust me, there were no strings attached to this offer, no platinum membership, no auto renewal, nothing. I received the usual emails about renewing but didn't do anything. I even received a phone message about renewing. I remember being impressed that it wasn't recorded, but a real live person leaving that message. I had decided not to renew at that time so I didn't respond. I guess that wasn't good enough for ST....they renewed me anyway, and charged my bank account for the renewal. Little did they know that when I subscribed last year, I used my debit card, so this little charge of $39.95 was taken right out of my checking account. Oh that made my blood boil, but I figured it was an honest mistake.

After a month of phone calls to ST trying to get this charge reversed, they finally took action and placed ANOTHER charge on my debit card, this one for $75!! Now, they're into my checkbook for over $100.00 and I have no idea when they might do it again! Once is a mistake, but twice? This time I flipped out, threatened to take whatever legal action I could and to spread the word on the internet. So here I am....spreading the word. They did credit my account within 3 days of that last phone call, but the damage had already been done. What if I didn't have that money in my account? What if they created an overdraft situation for me? What if they were making unauthorized charges all over the country like this? BAD. Very, very BAD.

I'm so disappointed. I know that friends of mine will still be published in that magazine but I won't buy it again. I'll wait until they can show their layouts on the internet or take a peek when I'm in the store...but I will NOT give ST or their mothership, Northridge Publishers, another penny. NO ONE has the right to tell you they put you into an auto renewal program WITHOUT your permission. NO ONE has the right to make charges against your credit cards just because they have the number on file. I know I'll never use my debit card again to make an online purchase, but I really thought I was dealing with an honest and professional business. At some level I still believe that, but something changed over there, and some bad decisions have been made. Desperation, I would think.