Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've been playing around with mini books again....a lot of decorating, but I haven't put any pictures in them. The green book is a paper album I made based on the video I posted below. It was SO easy to make and so much fun. I have another one in the making for my littlest niece so it'll be in lots of pink. These are so simple and so fast...perfect for kids to play with.

I think I have about 3 weeks of Debby's Dare to make up....not so sure I'll be doing that. I may have to wait until the subject changes because the last three....Favorite Birthday, Favorite Teenage Memory, First Love, didn't conjure up any happy memories. Not that happy memories don't exist, I just didn't grow up in a run of the mill family with birthday parties.....the teen years were angst ridden, and my first love was my "dear old dad" who, after years of bouncing back and forth, finally ran out on us when I was 12. Feel free to fill in the blanks and you'll know why I never married.