Friday, June 27, 2008

Creating Chaos!

COLOR, COLOR, COLOR! GLORIOUS COLOR! If you've seen any work by Kary Lewis, you know what I'm talking about.....COLOR!!!! Kary designs for AllyScraps, I am a Scrapaholic, and The Embellishment Studio. She's NOT afraid of color and she knows how to use it! Just check this out for starters..... click here

I found one of Kary's layouts at 2Peas that totally caught my eye and I immediately went to her website. Some sites just grab my attention and I can't break away. That's when I know it's a great site. And that's why I want to share these sites with everyone. You don't have to like the same things I do, but that's not gonna stop me from telling you to check them out!

Creating Chaos is a fabulous site....Kary's creations are so HOT that she has a permanent pass on Mary Murphy's Hot Tamale Train! (You don't know who Mary Murphy is? What?! You live in a cave? Don't you do anything besides scrapbooking?)

Oh, yeah, she's a former desert rat too. She's from a little town just down the road a piece...and her hubby's a lawman. Gotta love that. Then there's that little dog and the cat that likes water...honest, she has pictures to prove it. Go give her some'll be glad you did!