Thursday, May 22, 2008

If I Twittered...

There's a new little service out there for the techy world called Twitter. You can send little messages to your blog, or your Twitter board (that looks like a blog) via your cell phone or the internet, and let people know what you're up to at any given time during the day. Pretty cool, huh?

I don't think I'm the Twittering type, although I've been known to be called a Twit on several occasions. But if I did Twitter....I think my day would go something like this....

4:45 AM - Fed Frasier so he'll stop banging on the kitchen cupboards. Going back to bed

5:30 AM - All that scratching and digging going on in the litter box woke me up. Going back to bed

6:30 AM - PU! - Cleaning out the litter boxes. Getting ready for work

7:30 AM - Working

9:00 AM - 94 degrees, not even noon

12:00 PM - Still Working

1:00 PM - 111 degrees

2:30 PM - Yep, still here.

4:08 PM - Back home - cats are so happy to see me that they're peeing in the litter box. Why do they do that?

4:30 - Putting out dinner for the cats, gotta go clean the litter boxes.

4:45 PM - A little after dinner scooping....yes, cleaning the litter boxes again. Why do they have to poop at the same time? PU!

5:00 PM - Cats want out - I have to open the patio door

6:28 PM - Frasier hurled - get out the Folex

7:15 PM - Magnum threw a hair ball - get out the Folex
8:00 PM - I hear digging - time to clean the litter boxes

9:00 PM - Watching a little tv before going to bed. I feel like a human sandwich with a cat at each side of me, all curled up and sleeping peacefully. It won't be long before the purring will put me out too.
Yeah, they're like kids. Annoying one minute and extremely lovable the next. This is my most senior boy, Frasier. We're going to the vet on Tuesday for his senior tests....I'm not looking forward to it because I know he's at least 15 years old, old age has settled in.

And this is my baby boy, Magnum. Just 11 years old. He's a bit on the wild side...doesn't make friends and no one ever sees him but me. The only way I can prove his existence is through pictures.