Saturday, May 24, 2008

I found another little idea book from Scrapbook Trends that I adore. These books are so great...a few ads in the front and the back of the book and that's it. Of course, they cost a mint to buy but they're worth it. At least I think they have to decide that for yourself. I don't mind the ads in my other magazines because scrapbooking is as much about product as it is pictures, and I love the products!

So, anyway, I paid full price for this one, $17.95, and it has about 140 pages of beautiful pictures in it. Pictures of layouts featuring, of all things, embellishments. My dear friend, Dedra Long, is featured in this book as well....not once, but twice. (Go, Dedra!)

And if you were wishing you could afford to buy this little gem, check out their subscription prices. You can buy 12 months for $85....about $7.00 per issue which is NOT a bad deal.