Monday, December 3, 2007

Facing the Facts

I was dealt a hard dose of reality this was cold, windy, rainy, dusty, dirty and downright DEPLORABLE! Arrrggh!

It rained all day on Friday, which was fine in itself. I didn't mind it.....I like the rain. It was a bit cold but it was okay. Unfortunately, while I was at work - my plants were all being drowned. In the 20 odd years I've lived in CA, I have always had some type of overhang on the balcony...but not here. Nope, nada, nothing. And I didn't even think about it. By the time I got home, they were all swimming in the water that had pooled in their saucers, some of them had so much water in them that they spilled mud over the rims. My beautiful balcony had turned into a mudhole.

The next morning it was gorgeous. The sky was clear and blue and the air smelled so clean until the 50 mile an hour winds started. That was certainly a great help to my water clogged planters. My first foray into the great outdoors was met with cold blasts of wind that felt like Chicago on a winters day. I had sand in my hair, sand in my eyes and sand in my teeth!
Tree limbs had fallen all over the place with cars dodging them in the streets. What a great day.

I made a video from my balcony...I hope I can post it here. It was awesome.