Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DLP - Week 16

Some are good, some are not so good, but I'm still at it and looking forward to each new week. I don't always follow the prompts, but then you don't have to!

This spread is from Easter week. The challenge was to use food or snack boxes in your art which I did...literally. Creative, huh? Added some cut-outs and color and came up with what looks like an ad rather than a journal page. Did I include that here? No. Go get a box of Welch's anything and you'll see my page.

The inside, however, I kept within the theme of Easter. Not a lot of anything to write about and no pictures. The one important piece on this page is the quote from Leah Fung, posted to Facebook on Easter Sunday. The image referred to is not included...as I understand it, it was a complex drawing of the pathways within a cell. Leah wrote:

"Thought I’d share this image with you. I know it’s not your usual Easter Sunday inspirational picture, which I love seeing, but I’ll explain. It’s an illustration of the known cell signaling pathways of just ONE protein receptor (ER-alpha, for example) involved in the growth of just ONE tissue (breast, in this case). There is still so much unknown with just this single protein in this one tissue, let alone its function in all the other tissues of the body. And just imagine there are roughly 100,000 proteins in the human body and each with different mechanisms and pathways of their own. (Sorry, my geek is showing, lol). The complexities of how the body functions at the molecular level are astounding, and what we know is still infinitesimal -- that isn’t an exaggeration. I’m showing this to you because today I’ve been thinking about why I believe in God. It’s not because of some giant leap of faith -- I’m not that strong -- or just because of how my parents raised me or what I learned in church. The fact is the more I learn about how the body functions or any science that makes me curious enough to wade into it, the more I’m convinced these things can’t be random or ever conceived by man. We’re clever but not that clever. At least for me, and what very little I’ve learned, it must be God. Happy Easter, friends!"

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