Monday, May 26, 2014


I have so much to catch up on! But first I have to tell you about Marlene at Uniquely Ella. She is the master of shabby chic and is blowing everyone away with her incredibly beautiful creations! She's auditioning for the Shabbylishcious Design Team and has made some of the most beautiful shabby chic creations I've ever seen.

Check out her video here

And you must check out her holiday house tours for some exquisite decorating ideas. 4umarlene1 on YouTube. She definitely has the magic touch. I'm truly excited for her and I wish her the best of luck!

Okay, so I really got into spring cleaning this year and cleaned like I've Never cleaned before! Part of my motivation was due to Sophia at My Great Challenge. My goodness, is she a whirlwind of activity. She cleans, she paints, she builds walls and tables...yes, "builds" them. Just makes it all look so simple... I think that's because she knows what she's doing and explains it so well. Her blog is loaded with great information and I truly love her videos. Seriously, you need to check her out, she'll make you proud to be a woman. mygreatchallenge on YouTube.

I cleaned and cleaned, and cleaned some more...(omg, the nooks and crannies of a home are hard to get to) moved furniture, sorted out drawers and closets, and brought out all of my favorite knick knacks and put them back again. I'm not all shabby chic, and not all vintage, but I have a lot of "old" stuff. And I have a large enough bedroom to use part of it as a craftroom. I cleaned that too. The problem here is that you have to empty everything before you can move it...oh my aching body. Gave oodles of stuff away and did my best to shabby it up! I like it. I'm happy with it for now, and I can still add to it. Here's a peek at a corner of my room.

See you soon!