Saturday, June 21, 2014

ICAD - 30 Days or Bust

I'm going for it. A full 30 days of index cards. Yessiree, bob. I'm well into the 3rd week right now so I KNOW I'll make 30 days. Then I'll decide if I can go 60. So, if you're not a Facebook friend, and you haven't seen my daily offerings...this is for you, and for that linky thing that Tammy does. She's the ICAD Queen, the person in charge, the ringmaster, the boss, the big kahuna, the cheerleader, imagineer and all those other great words rolling around in my head right now. We love Tammy, and we show our love every year. You should join us!

Daisy Yellow ICAD FAQ

Every day has a prompt, but it's up to you if you want to use the prompt or not. There are also themes to choose from, or "one staple" collages, or anything you want to do. It's not about rules or working on something you don't enjoy, it's about being creative. Every day. It's fun. It's loose and free.

Day 1 - Prism

Day 2 - Circus Tent


Day 3 - Hello, my name is...

Day 4 - Puzzle

Day 5 - Galaxy

Day 6 - Nail Polish

Day 7 - Yellow

Day 8 - Mandala

Day 9 - Alphabet

Day 10 - The Beatles

Day 11 - One Staple Collage

That wasn't the prompt. It's just what I did.

Day 12 - Paisley

Day 13 - Gasp! I missed one!

Day 14 - Magenta

Day 15 - Stickers

Day 16 - Roll the Dice

Day 17 - Polka Dots

Day 18 - Orange

Day 19 - Oh no! I missed another one!

Day 20 - Candy Wrapper

Day 21 - Repeating Pattern