Monday, July 22, 2013

A Tale of Two Journals - Part II

Here she is....Journal #2! So completely different from the first one but I love her just the same! Isn't that cover gorgeous? The cover got to me just like the first one did.

This journal was made by Les Herger over at Comfortable Shoes Studio and the original Art Journaling Ning site.

With almost 250 pages I was stunned when it was delivered! It's HUGE! OMG, it's a big fat journal and I don't write that much! What on earth am I going to do?!

I started writing in it immediately, thinking I could get into the habit of journaling a little bit every day. That was the plan. Then I realized I had all those ICAD cards and no place to put them. So I put them here. Theres a lot more than this but you get the idea.

That was fun, and I used a lot of pages!

Then my niece came to town. I did some more journaling and took a family picture...

And now I'm on a roll...

I'm decorating. I'm stamping pages. Sticking goodies here and there. Mod podging patterned tissue paper onto the pages. Very cool images on Tim Holtz tissue! I stamped a two page spread full of stamps and colored them in, (still working on this page). Watch Roxyfur's video on this and you'll be doing the same thing! Oh, wait, let me get it for you, it's so much fun!

I love this journal!