Monday, July 15, 2013

A Tale of Two Journals - Part I

Isn't she the cutest? I love this book! Absolutely LOVE it! The minute I saw this book, I wanted it. I think I would have cried if anyone else got it. But I have it and I'm so happy that I do! Maybe it's the peasant dress, and the big clunky shoes, but I sure identify with the girl on the cover. I had a dress like that, shoes like that, hair like that (well, almost like that). I was in my 20's and dancing up a storm with my friends, totally oblivious to anything that wasn't "fun".

This adorable mixed media journal was made by Yolanda Pasillas. The projects Yolie comes up with are all so unique and special that her swaps at YPP are always filled. But you need to watch Yolie's videos about this book to see how fabulous it is. To see all the goodies she's included inside. The goodies I ohhh and ahhh over every time I look at it.

I heard Yolie was thinking about opening an Etsy shop so keep an eye out for that. She makes everything with Love!

Video Part I Video Part II