Sunday, January 25, 2009

You in 52 - Week 3

I can't believe I'm on week 3. I didn't think I'd get past week 1!

The question....."If you could have changed one thing about yourself what would it be?"

I'm 5' 1". You figure it out. LOL!

Journaling reads...
"I suppose when I was young, I wanted to change a lot of things about myself. Now that I'm on the down swing, it doesn't seem so important anymore. I am who I am. I just wish I had been a little bit taller...not much...just about 2" - 3".

Then my 5'8" friends wouldn't hover over me. My 6'4" fiance wouldn't have dwarfed me. I'd be able to reach the top shelf without standing on my toes, or pulling out a chair. I wouldn't have had to roll my sleeves up or hem my pants. I wouldn't have worn 4" heels...or would I?

Yes, I would, because the world looks a little less daunting when you're a little bit taller."