Monday, November 3, 2008

It's amazing what you can fit in 4' of space. What's even more amazing is how much crap is still in my closet! I really have a lot of stuff......I have nothing compared to some scrap rooms I've seen, but I've got a lot for one person with no offspring. I didn't think I could get this much moved to my little corner, but I paid a little trip to my favorite Target store and found the shelf, just the right size for me. And the organizer underneath the shelf, I found in the bath department. It holds a TON of goodies in it and it has an extra long compartment for those extra long packages. I really like this thing...I like having my options at my fingertips without digging through drawers.

Not quite done but it's better than a closet. I may have to attach a skirt to the table, though, it looks so bare. And I'll probably still scrap at the kitchen island where I can stand, but I won't have to drag everything out and put it back all the time.

Thanks to my friend and minibook queen, Dedra Long I won a mini book class at Check it out for yourself, it's only $15.00 and it looks well worth it. 4 mini albums in no time at all! Thank you, Dedra!