Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is a little album I'm making for my niece, with pictures of her mom.

I changed my blog name. If you know of anyone that is using this name already, please let me know. I looked around and the only one I found is really a scrap pit site. You know...JUNK. Nothing has been posted there since 2005, but I don't want to be using another scrapper's blog name. Just don't think that would be kosher.

I haven't posted anything in a while. I'm working on half a dozen different scrapbook projects right now....some of them are....shall I say old? Like a year or more. Meant-to-be Christmas presents that didn't get finished in time for Christmas. A Week In The Life album. The album above that I'm making for my niece. Two scrapbook classes that I'm WAY behind in, plus the everyday normal scrapbooking that I never get finished. And to help me with all that...I ordered a Bind It All! At least I'll be able to bind my books....they may not be finished on the inside, but they'll sure look cute on the outside.

Then there's that gorgeous book I bought from Dedra Long. I love that book. I've decided to use it as a "me" book..... a little journaling here....some pictures there. I'm going to finish EVERYTHING ELSE before I start this. I am! But after visiting the Creative Therapy site, I'm so inspired to make this book. Just looking at a few of the catalysts, (challenges) they've had in the past gave me insight I didn't really have before. What a cool site. I have Dedra to thank for both.

Only four pages to do for that little album, then I have to journal. I better get to it. Hope everyone's doing great and looking forward to the holidays!