Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week In The Life

I've noticed that a lot of people have been making Week In The Life books, so I clicked on a link at Paperclipping, and found the culprit behind all these books. Ali Edwards. Of course. She's SO creative. She just creates and creates and creates. (Right now she's busy creating a baby.) When I clicked on the Week In The Life link, I found this list of posts that Ali had made about the Week In The Life project....and I began to read....and now I'm hooked. I'm totally making a Week In The Life book. I know I can do this....even if my life is boring and I'm stuck in an office all day...I'm doing it. One week. Just one.

I already started...I'm taking pictures. Making notes. Went to Staples and bought some trading card page protectors. Took a picture of it. Went to Starbucks and bought a Frappacino. Took a picture of it. Made my bed. Took a picture of it. Yep, my life is boring....but it will be well documented for at least one week.

Seriously, I love this idea. There's so much in our daily life that we take for granted. I'm looking forward to appreciating the small stuff.

I received a Fall package from my secret sister yesterday. First, a birthday gift and now a Fall gift. I'm lovin that girl. Look how color coordinated....yummy stuff.