Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's been quite a week. I took both of my boys to the vet Monday, knowing one of them would have to stay. It turned out to be the wrong one! Geez....I had to give poor Magnum a knock-out pill just to get him there, had to have a bump on his lip checked out. I thought it would be an easy in.....bug bite-infected type of thing... and out again. But was his canine tooth digging into his flesh and it had to be pulled. He ended up with 3 teeth pulled, while my older boy who needs regular dental work had only one broken tooth that needed to be removed. And since Magnum's such a feisty critter, the only way the vet could check on him was to keep him there...I wasn't going to try and catch him again, cram another knock-out pill down his throat and wait for him to slow down....watching him swagger from side to side trying to figure out what the hell's going on...NOT enjoyable. So he stayed with the vet all week and it was so quiet here I couldn't stand it. I had no idea he talked so much....he really does....he talks all the anyone or to no one....doesn't matter.

Between vet visits, breakfast meetings and trips to the corporate office 2 hours away, the week went pretty darn fast. I feel like I haven't scrapped in a long time, and as usual...there's so much I want to many ideas in my head. Boy, I've seen some gorgeous layouts lately. has an excellent gallery of "artists" where you can print out copies of the layouts. Let me tell printer's been smokin! Then there's this one here at Two Peas that I fell in love with. I'd like to try this with a picture of my mother....not even sure where to begin but it's worth a try. I love the ribbons, the heritage look, all the little touches. Yum. It's printed out...I have my copy right here and don't hold your breath waiting to see my version, because I have a long list of unfinished projects and not enough time. If I hadn't been so foolish in my youth I'd be retiring by now and spending my days doing nothing but scrapping and gardening....(insert very big sigh).