Friday, April 19, 2013

30 Days without Journalling

My attempts to post on this blog have failed miserably. I haven't published anything since February, started to blog in March but never finished, and now it's April. I'm so (not) ashamed of myself. I'm just not a dependable blogger, even though I want to be one. I also want to be an artist and be 5'4" but that ain't happening either. ;)

I finished The A to Z of Me class in February and haven't journaled a thing since! Guess I needed a break between that and the 21 Secrets class that started April 1st! I'm very excited about 21 Secrets and will no doubt be kept very busy! Hope I can blog every now and then and show what I'm doing. I've only completed one page out of four "secrets". Some techniques I'm already aware of and have used them in the past, so I'm not journaling along with each one. I have 18 classes (courses?) left and I'm sure I'll be working along with most of them!

This is such an excellent program and I'd encourage anyone to sign up if you still can. If not, maybe next year, but don't miss out on this. You get SO Much knowledge at an unbelievably low rate. You can pick and choose from 21 different artists or attend all of them, it's up to you, (and why I've only completed one page out of four classes!). Do it! Sign up now! You'll have until the end of the year to complete the entire program. 21 Secrets

In March, I joined an altered cigar box swap at Your Paper Pantry, and Loved playing with that box! My partner was Cari Masciangioli who wanted a black and white box, and I was most happy to oblige. I really enjoyed making this.

I also tried my hand at another mixed media mosaic. I adhered bits and pieces to the cover of a bolsa box from Michaels. I'm liking this too, but I still need to spray it! I ordered some Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays and have yet to open the package! That'll be next, promise! But as usual, when I have something I need to do, I always end up reorganizing my room instead of working in it!

See you Soon with a new Inspiration or two!