Monday, January 28, 2013

I have 21 Secrets!

Yes, I do, and they're so secret that I don't even know what they are!

I've been feeling a bit UNcreative lately, at least on paper.  I can still shop and reorganize my craft space ten times a week, but I'm just not finishing any journal pages right now.   I'm not finishing any projects either and I have a few of those around here too.  Blah.  That's what it feels like, which says to me it's time to re-fuel, tune-up, change the oil and start the engines all over!  Yeah!  It's time for another Class!

Whooohooo! 21 Secrets has arrived again with all new instructors and new secrets, so I've thrown my hat in (or rather my $59) and signed up!  The only problem is that it doesn't start until April!  o.....m.....g.   What to do in the interim?  Hmmm, I could finish the Wild Abandonment class I started, yep, that sounds like a plan.   And then in February I can join Bernice Hopper in her A to Z of Me. I saw what she did with her last group and I really liked it. So that should keep me busy for a while as I never seem to finish anything with a group. I'm usually lagging behind by a few days, or more, maybe even a month, maybe....ok, not going there.

There you have it. I've absolutely no plans for this week. What about you?