Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I've been working on....

These are the last pages I've actually completed. At times I feel like I need a break, and then I'll watch some awesome video and want to get right back to it. I did manage to take the weekend off...I was online but I didn't make anything, I cleaned my scrap area but didn't make anything, visited my favorite Pantry and joined a swap, posted some pics to Flickr, etc., but I DID NOT MAKE ANYTHING! I know I have 25 more days of 30 Days with Gulfsprite but I have 90 days to do that...well, 90 minus 25. So tomorrow I'll get right back to it.

Each of the following was made from a prompt I received in the 30 Days with Gulfsprite class that I'm taking.

This was SO dark. It happens to me a lot but I'm okay with the white paint.

I love this. I love the color, I love the ruffles....first time making them. I used a white gel pen to make the stitches.

I'm a fall person. I love everything about it. I especially love to decorate with fall colors. I'd use them year round if I could....I think I probably have.