Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art Crap!

I'm SO bummed! I probably shouldn't have taken these pictures because now that I see what I've done to the originals, I want to cry...or throw something...! I was really proud of myself for piecing together these two collages. I liked them, but I wasn't finished. I had to start smearing the paint...I just had to. I think I broke my own heart...so much so that I can't post the end result until I've found some way of making it look better, which may be never.

I think this might be a sign from the art gods that says "stick to scrapbooking, you idiot!"

I was attempting to make collages a la Inkwell. Been watching her Ustreams and I think she's very talented, and she makes it look so easy, but easy it isn't. Check out her blog for some great pictures of her work, or view her videos on Ustream. It's worth it!


4/4/11 Update

I've totally destroyed and trashed both of the above collages. Onward.