Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I never would have thought that NOT working would create so much WORK! I've been so busy taking care of business that the days are just flying by. Now that my life is changing and taking on a new direction, I'm making major decisions about my finances, health insurance, living arrangements, etc. It all seems so simple when you think about it....retiring and making it happen though.....not so simple. You can't decide this until you know the outcome of that, and you can't move forward with that until you're finished with this. It would have been so much easier four months from now, but I'm glad it's happening....I can't wait to move.

I'm already packing and I'm not moving for another 30 days. But in my mind, I'm planning where my furniture will go and how my scrap area will be set up. I plan on spending a lot of time in my scrap area. I plan on spending more time tending to my little balcony garden, shopping with my sister, enjoying my cats and being as domestic as possible.

Tomorrow, I'm finalizing the deal on my apartment and have to go into the OC again. It'll be nice to get out of this 108 degree heat for a while. Did I mention that I can't wait to move?

See ya later, folks. Doesn't look like I'll be doing any scrapping until I move. But I AM following the blogs and message boards so keep me updated!