Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Candice Greenway Fans Rejoice!

Candice Greenway has started a blog, and I say Amen to that! I was a huge fan of hers at CKMB and always looked forward to seeing her layouts in the gallery. Then she kind of disappeared...I think she went to the pea gallery, but it doesn't really matter because now she has her own blog. It's brand spanking new in pretty pink polka dots, so pay her a visit and welcome her to blogland. I can't wait to see what goodies she'll be bringing with her!

Candice Greenway's Snapshots & Polka Dots

9/15/09: Candice's blog is no longer public. Permission must be asked for and granted in order to access her site. I don't know when she did this or why, but I know a lot of people search for her and find this post through the search engines. Maybe she'll make it public again in the future. I certainly hope she does.