Wednesday, August 27, 2008

These are my nephews. Pics taken almost 20 years ago! Both of these pictures were scrapped about two years ago. I took the pages apart because I didn't like them, and I'm not sure I like these either.

A week ago or more, I went to the grand opening of the new Jo-Ann store in Palm Desert. I was completely overwhelmed.....and confused... thought I was in Michaels. Holy Moly what a fabulous store!!! I've never seen a Jo-Anns like this one....short on fabric....huge on crafts. They'll certainly give Michael's some competition out here and now I have another place to shop! Yes!

They carry the K & Company line, and I found another nice stack of 2 sided paper that's just perfect for layering. I really like K & Company, and at $12.00 ($5 on sale) you can't beat it. I spent all of $14.00 and left a happy camper.

Signed up for Cathy Zielske's design class and did my preclass assignment over the weekend. We had to scrap nine squares on a 12 x 12 page about why we scrap.... that was, friends, memories. Now I have to wait until October for class to start. That's another month...whine, whine, whine....

I now truly understand the dog days of summer. It's been too hot for too long...and the humidity is back with a vengence. I'll be staying inside where it's cool this weekend....I could really put a dent in my scrapping if I'm motivated! I keep looking at Irene Van's site..... Scrapperlicious. She's always trying something new and creating such beautiful layouts. Yeah, it's a motivator....but my work would never look like that....this girl's a real artist.