Saturday, January 19, 2008

It seems like I've been hybernating forever...working on some scrapbook pages but not getting very far.... I redid the cover for Danielle's book and I like it much better. I'm also making a tag for Sally's birthday but I'm not happy with it. Sometimes I just have to put these things away for a while until some inspiration strikes me.

I really need to get out and about. It's a beautiful day...the sun is shining, people are laying out at the pool. It's still a bit brisk for me but it's so pretty! The mountains have been dusted with snow but that's all...nothing major, although it's supposed to get colder again by Monday. I want summer....I want to go barefoot...I want to open my windows...I want to be WARM. There's still so much I have to see in the desert and here I sit....inside as usual. So I scrap.

I did this cute page of Joey last week but it's for my own albums. I really need to get on to Gina's pages. That's my goal for the weekend.