Sunday, January 11, 2015

Total 10 with Dr. Oz

I've been eating a lot of food like this lately, even developed a liking for Hommus. It's been a week since I started the Total 10 Diet to break my carb and sugar habit, and I'm still alive. All those foods I thought I couldn't live without, I've managed to live without. Haven't had a carb or refined sugar in a week. No pretzels, no pasta, no doughnuts. Haven't had any dairy in a week. No ice cream, no French Vanilla Cream in my coffee. No coffee.

I've lost 5 lbs.

I don't feel bloated anymore. I'm not struggling to breathe so much when I wear my jeans, and I can zip them without sucking it in.

I actually love the berry smoothies in the morning, but it's not always easy to figure out what to eat at other times. The diet consists of a little protein and a LOT of vegetables, which I love, but geeeeez. Salads with bland vinegar and oil dressing and freezer chicken everyday are a bit much. But I've figured it out....I actually remember how to cook. Chicken Fajitas tonight and on to week 2!