Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Facebook Journal

I finally started working on my journal for the bits and bobs I've accumulated from friends on Facebook. (I love that term..."bits and bobs", but you must say it with an English accent.)

I won a beautiful address and card book in an auction and always knew I wanted to alter it for a journal. Some of the pages have beautiful floral illustrations that I don't want to cover up, other pages can be painted or papered, but it has pockets and tabs and all kinds of goodies. When I first got it (months ago) I altered the cover in the same style as the journal I got from Yolanda Pasillas, yoliebean on YouTube. I adore that look.

The first page in the book is from a swap I did at Your Paper Pantry with Jane Bain, lizbeth601 on YouTube. She made a beautiful collage for me that I've kept in my craft corner for years. Originally it was mounted on corrugated cardboard that I had to remove for placement in the book. I think it makes the perfect first page. On the left side of this two page spread, I'll add some writing and a recipe card Jane included for apple cake!

The second page has an art postcard from Tamara LaPorte, a couple of business cards and a tag that served as a mailing label. I found a bit of lace in with my keepsakes and attached it to the edge of the page. The opposite page will have photographs of the items associated with the cards.

All in all, I think this is going to be a fun book to look back on when it's finished.

Have a good day friends! xxo