Sunday, March 9, 2014

All Cats All The Time

I've been a bit distracted. I wanted to blog about my cat adventures but they didn't turn out so well. I can show copies of some of my posts made in the FFRC Chatters Group though. The good thoughts and prayers of this group helped me get through a very tough time.
It started (again) on January 23. I posted this message to the group.

"Prayers for kitty please. I adopted this beautiful girl in December and gave her back to the rescue when my vet advised me how ill she was with asthma. She hasn't received any help since. Yesterday, I picked her up and took her back to my vet. We took xrays and her lungs were filled with moisture/mucus. It was amazing how she was breathing at all. She spent the night in an oxygen room and still her breathing is stressed. They took more xrays and found pneumonia. They need to test for heart disease. I'm hoping for the best but expecting very little at this point. She's been neglected for so long. Long before the rescue had her. She really needs some prayers."

Next Post: "Layla is home with me now and resting. I have her confined because of Lily the hissy-cat, but I think she's sleeping comfortably. Her breathing is So much better. She is still breathing hard but not like she was yesterday...her breathing and cough scared the crap out of me. According to hospital she is being treated for bacterial lung infection, inflammation (asthma), high blood pressure in lung vessel and tapeworms (of course!). Her meds are Vibramycin, Veraflox, and Pred. The hospital vet and my own vet will check with me over the next few days. I was almost happy when they found pneumonia because that can be cured. Maybe the asthma won't be so bad when the pneumonia is gone."

January 25:
"I'm waiting for the sun to rise so I can relax. What is it about the night that makes cats crazy? After being in the same area all day yesterday with Lily only hissing at Layla, they got into a tussle last night. Lily is very aggressive toward Layla, but I think she's feeling better and returning the favor, or unfavor. They've been separated all night and I'm very cautious about letting them in the same room again."

"Layla started having coughing spells again. I don't know at what point to drop everything and take her to the vet, but they told me that one of these spells could turn into a full asthma attack within seconds. I think I'd feel better if she were on an inhaler. The vets are very cautious about her and called me several times yesterday. If she starts coughing today, I may be taking her in for another treatment but I don't know how often I can do this. The cough, the hissing and spitting, the fear and yes, the money, it's all getting to me. I think I need sleep. And prayers. Please."

What they do when the door is closed. One sleeps, the other waits.

January 27:
"Layla had a good check up! The vet was very pleased with the sound of her lungs and she hasn't coughed in over 15 hours!! (Knock wood) We won't know just how improved her lungs are until next week when they take x-rays again. She may never breathe normally but it looks like she could live a comfortable life if she keeps improving. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for her and others in need. I'm filled with happiness and sadness at the same time, praying for the cats and humans affected by the fire. Love you all."

February 3:
"Layla update. Vet took x-rays today and her lungs are much better looking than they were. After NOT coughing since last Monday, she coughed at the vet's, just once. She will definitely be on Pred for the rest of her life, antibiotics for another two weeks. That's the good news. The bad news is that she is now the aggressor in my home. She will attack Lily whenever she sees her so we have to stay in separate rooms. Not fun in a small one bedroom apt. I'm at a complete loss here except to now start feeding them only when they see each other. Hopefully give them some good association vibes. I had to make sure she ate with the meds but I'm not feeling as anxious or cautious as I was. I'm feeling more like Jacci when Badu started attacking her Z's. That just cannot happen. I need some divine intervention."

February 27:
"We had another blow out today, and I contacted Layla's foster mom. She offered to set me up with, and pay for, an animal communicator. The communicator is Lisa Larson at The "conversation" is to take place Wednesday at 1:30 pm pacific time. I hope I'm still in one piece by then. She said she could hear the stress in my voice and that the cats are picking up on that... no kidding. Major skeptical about this. I've had amazing connections in the past with my cats but we lived together for years. Those connections take time. Geez, she aggravated the heck out of me, but I'll try anything. Wish us luck. A few prayers wouldn't hurt either. Thanks everyone, for being there."

Some posts are missing here that I made on the Facebook Chatters Group. I guess they just roll off after a while. Anyway, I'm kind of tired of looking for them. Reliving this is sad, but I needed to do it. There were a few more posts about the progress we were making. How happy I was when the two cats touched noses for the first time. Or the first time they were both on the bed.

February 13:
"Sorry this is so dark but Layla was laying in a dark spot. She has, of course, moved into the light since I took this."

February 23:
"My Layla is with the angels now. She woke me this morning with her breathing. It was worse than ever. I'm very sad and broken hearted but I let her go to a better place where her lungs can fill with air. Where she can run and play without getting winded. Where she isn't constantly made to take medicine that doesn't do enough, that makes her sick and gives her diarrhea. I will hate myself for a very long time but I couldn't watch her suffer like that. She barely moved today except to use the litter box. She didn't want to chase Lily, or be scratched or eat. She just wanted to breathe."
Thank you for reading.