Monday, October 24, 2011

Playing with Color Wash and Stencils

Ahhh, something new to play with, and I love it! (Frasier does too. If you look closely, you can see the telltale blue on his paw. This is after day two, day one was really blue!) If you don't have any color wash, you need to get some! The colors are so bright! Don't let my lousy pictures fool you, the color is vibrant!

I was lucky enough to catch a sale at thanks to Dale Ann Potter who happily shares her great finds. The Adirondack brand was on sale for under $4/bottle so I stocked up and bought 9 of them...(should have bought 12).

This last page was done over an old painted and glitter misted piece that turned out very badly. I've always wanted to redo it, even tried to once or twice, but it just kept getting worse. Finally, I gessoed over all the layers and sprayed it with color wash. Voila! It's not as bright as the first two pages because of all the color underneath, but it's a far improvement over what's under the color wash, I promise you that. And just in case you have any Frasier's wandering around, it's acid free and non toxic.