Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dedra Long is back!

My darling young friend, Dedra Long, has returned to blogland! Yaaaaaaayy! I couldn't be happier today if you told me it was the 4th of July! OMG, it's the first of July....celebrate people! Independence. Freedom. The right to be HAPPY!!! Yes! We have the "right" to be happy! No one is going to stop us from smiling, or whistling a tune....from singing out loud or dancing in the street! (ok, maybe the street's are off limits to dancing, but hey, you know what I mean! What I'd give to be one of the flashmob that danced to the Black Eyed Peas on Oprah...that was SO COOL!!) So, do you get it? I'm happy. I'm happy to be alive, I'm happy that I discovered scrapbooking again after so many years, and I'm happy that Dedra is back! I love Dedra. If I had a daughter I would wish for her to be Dedra. Yeah, I would.

If you go waay back to this'll see where I bought one of Dedra's books and loved it so very much! I wanted to journal in it and make it pretty with bows and ribbons and adornments from years gone by. I wanted it to look like one of Dedra's books.....oops

But it was MY book now, made by Dedra, but MY book. Wow....I had to chew on that for a while 'cause you see, I don't journal. Never have. Can't be bothered and believe me, I've tried. I hate journaling....(is that one l or two?) So here I am, almost TWO YEARS later....TWO YEARS!!! and Dedra's book is still Dedra's book. I haven't done a damn thing to make it mine...I just look at it and dust it off on occasion. Until now....wanna see? I think I can show you a page but that's about all because it's PERSONAL! I'm using Dedra's book as my PERSONAL Art Journal and I love it. Okay, here's a page in progress...but I'm only showing this for Dedra, the rest of you close your eyes.

So there it is. One little page consisting of water colors, acrylic paint, some gesso and glue, an old tag that I love, and lots of pink. Look closely, you just might see my soul.

Welcome back, Dedra, and thank you for making art journaling a part of my life, long before I was ready for it.