Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12th???? Where has the time gone to? I thought I was all set to start blogging again...something must have gotten in the way of my desire to blather like an idiot where everyone in the universe can see it. Imagine that. Oh, I know...Facebook! HA! It's a devious thing, that Facebook. It sucks you in until you have no choice but to log in every day and read every status report that was ever written. Things like "red", "white", "black"....c'mon girls....once is enough. New variances on an old game are just old. It was interesting the first time, not so much now.

Most of my "friends" fall into two categories....either "scrappers" or "family". Everyone else is well, everyone else. Except for best friends from high school that I've categorized as "family", because she will always be family to me. Unfortunately, these categories still fall under the general theme of "friends", so you can't decide who sees your status and who doesn't without a putting in a LOT of work. So it's amazing to see how different generations deal with Facebook. The things kids will say nowadays without any care as to who sees it. Wow.

As for me, I'll stick to the scrap stuff. This is a little book I made for my sister. I loved putting it together, and she loves having it. She's kind of nice that way.